Welcome to the Needling Gnome

I am the owner and operator of 'Ian', a beautiful teal Statler Long Arm. I have been crafting my whole life; however, once I was introduced to quilting over 10 years ago, my true passion was discovered. I dove in head first and according to my friends and 'Ian' (the actual Needling Gnome), I have not surfaced yet!

Once the world of piecing quilt tops was introduced, my true talent and love of quilts appeared. At first I used my conventional machine to stitch-in-the-ditch, then quickly moved on to rent a Long Arm. The closet location I found to rent one was over four hours away, so I headed off to learn the next skill in my quilting journey. With a full time job, days off and weekends were spent diligently learning all I could about this fantastic art form. I was hooked!

While on a trip to a Quilt Show with my incredibly wonderful, kind and supportive friend, Colleen, (...LOL..and she thought I wouldn't include this) we stopped by the Gammill booth to admire a paper pieced Feathered Star. I had recently finished piecing a Glacier Star and was so intrigued with the quilting design and technique, I stopped to talk to the vendor. A short time later, my 'Ian' arrived and my quilting business took off.

Happy Quilting!